Mount Kimbie


Having been at the forefront of the international electronic scene for years, Mount Kimbie (Kai Campos& Dominic Maker) need little introduction. After three critically acclaimed albums with Hotflush & Warp Records and countless world live tours, Kai’s focus has moved to back to one of the groups original priorities; the dancefloor space.

Kai’s DJ sets offer a glimpse beyond Mount Kimbie’s varied influences of avant-garde tastes from across all forms of electronic music, revealing a harder, club-focused orientation and cementing Kai as a key DJ for a new generation of clubbers.

This formidable reputation has built further with Mount Kimbie’s acclaimed 2018 DJ Kicks mix, which offered a prismic look at Berlin minimalism, snapping electro and pounding techno through the same restless experimental lens as their studio work. In 2020 Kai is set to delve even deeper into this world with continued worldwide DJing, B2B mixes, and new music