Caleb Calloway


Rooted from the tropical sounds of his native country Puerto Rico. Influenced by the melting pot of sound he encountered in Chicago, Texas, and New York, there is no other way to describe Caleb Calloway’s music but as diverse.

From his production to his DJ sets he has always been able to give the crowd exactly what they want while keeping his deeply engrained musical influences present.

Coming from a musical family with a famous uncle who has toured with every major Latin artist you can imagine, Caleb’s music flows through his blood and has always been his destiny.

Captivated by the house and techno scene in NYC while studying audio engineering Calloway began to dabble in DJing and Producing house music slowly moving his focus away from his Hip Hop roots and fully dedicating his time to the underground sound. After graduating he decided to move back to Puerto Rico and spend all of his time honing his craft. He quickly gained

notoriety in the underground scene sharing the stage with the likes of Damian Lazarus, Art Department, The Martinez Brothers, Green Velvet ,tINI, and Loco Dice. Also playing at heralded festivals like The Electric Daisy Carnival, BPM Festival, and TDA Festival in Panama.

After having opened up for Loco Dice, Calloway sparked the interest of talent booker Louis Diaz from Club Space Miami; where he played his debut set at the terrace during WMC 14’ and again in the summer of 2014 as the main act.

As the year 2014 closed Caleb was presented with the amazing opportunity to tour with Loco Dice and become his supporting act in North and South America allowing him to be a part of Dice’s record breaking 24 hour set on New Years eve 2015.

During his mercurial rise Calloway has also been able to find a balance between producing house music and continuing to be a heavyweight name in the Latin hip-hop scene with top 20 charted productions and radio singles between Mexico and Puerto Rico, demonstrating his resounding versatility.

The future for Caleb holds an endless evolution of his own music and releases with diverse production ranging from Techno, House, and Hip Hop, but never resting on one particular sound.

Caleb is ready to grab opportunity by the horns and take full advantage of what seems to shape as a brilliant career.