On a mission to cultivate emotional connection and real-life experiences that generate indelible memories, Boxia stands in a class of his own. An artist whose outlook is heavily influenced by years spent on the dancefloors of clubs across the UK and overseas, his multi-faceted approach to music allows him to channel his creativity through a number of styles, maintaining aplayful, inventive and often experimental output. With a potent catalogue of releases showcasing his penchant for stepping away from the norm, Boxia has established a unique identity that has caught the attention of industry heavyweights, with his tracks among the standouts during Carl Cox’s set at Movement Detroit, and Adam Beyer’s performance at Junction 2 among others throughout 2018. Soon to deliver his debut album, ‘A Night In The Life Of’ and with an increasingly packed tour schedule, Boxia continues to push forward with positivity and good vibes at the core of his message…

The story begins with young Boxia exchanging his games console for a pair of decks owned by a boy who lived on his road and hiding away in his bedroom simply playing records for years before finally learning how to beatmatch. A few years later Boxia experienced his first rave, discovering a whole new world of music beyond the confines of his bedroom. Navigating various shifts and changes in the clubbing landscape, he soaked up everything that was on offer; jungle, techno, house, bleep…which gave him the open-minded outlook he retains today.

Parallel to his DJ exploits he began to investigate the production side of things, starting out with Sony Acid, Boxia spent many years learning, experimenting and enjoying the music making process free from any hint of pressure. During this phase of his life Boxia balanced his time between fulltime work and his love for music. In fact, only a few years ago did he finally commit to the music life, leaving his job in 2015 and going for broke. Just four years later he is one of the hottest properties in underground techno, renowned as a maverick who refuses to follow trends. At the heart of his success is his ceaseless work ethic; if he’s not gigging he’s in the studio, if he’s not in the studio he’s out socialising at events. This is complemented by his good nature and friendly, positive attitude both of which have helped elevate his status across the techno community.

Early releases helped establish his versatile, dynamic sound with Shadowchild signing him to Food Music for his debut as Boxia in 2015. In 2016, he appeared on Drumcode’s A-Sides Volume 5, prior to Alan Fitzpatrick signing ‘Colour Sequence’and ‘Point Of No Return’ for his label We Are The Brave. ‘Point of No Return’ went down a storm, with support from many of the underground’s most influential tastemakers. This was followed by the huge ‘Ethereal Education’, which landed on Drumcode. As a producer Boxia revels in his ability to work freely across genres and, buoyed by this liberating process, he was encouraged to produce an album by Adam Beyer.

The result is ‘A Night In The Life Of’, a conceptual LP that uses Boxia’s exceptional sonic capabilities to sketch out some of the people and situations he’s experienced in clubland. There are moments of reflection, high energy, darkness, light and the full spectrum of emotion as Boxia takes us into his world, painting vivid audiovisual images of the characters he’s met along the way. The album represents an artist who is confident and equipped with unparalleled experience, both in the studio and the world at large.

Quiet, affable and driven by the essence of rave culture – that is: human connection, freedom of expression and the positive power of music. Boxia is one of those rare breeds who puts his ego to one side in order to stay true to his diverse heritage while soundtracking the dance floors of tomorrow. Keeping a smile on his face and the dancefloor jumping every step of the way